Robb Stark is dead. Sorry, I know he was like a brother to you, but my father put a knife through his heart. 

Most of him has gone into the tree … He has lived beyond his mortal span, and yet he lingers. For us, for you, for the realms of men. Only a little strength remains in his flesh. He has a thousand eyes and one, but there is much to watch. One day you will know.


Should I wear all black or all black today

"We don’t need to be friends. We’re family."

Stoker (2013) for ashleybensons


do u ever look at someone’s characterization of one of ur faves and just sit there offended on behalf of the character


So lets talk about the recently revealed Paladin t17 and how it looks like t17 is going to do to t4 what t7 did to t3. (minus the whole “completely remove it from the game” part)

I can’t wait to see the rebooted Druid t4, and if they decide to to the other TBC tiers as well, I might just have to bear my aversion to clothies and casters and actually play my Priest.